Friction on a block vs tilt angle


Wooden block
100g masses
Wooden board (e.g heatproof mat)
Ruler, clamp and stand


Weigh the wooden block then position on the board and mark its position with the pen to ensure it starts in the same place each time.

Set the ruler up so it is held vertically in the clamp and stand, and line up with the rear side of the board.

Tilt the board slowly by raising the edge next to the ruler and watch for when the block starts to move. Record the height the board has been raised to, then reset and repeat the measurement twice more.

Tape a mass to the top of the block ensuring the tape does not go onto the contact surface at the bottom of the block.

Repeat the experiment, and continue adding masses and taking readings until you have 500g added to the block.

Do not use a different block or board, as the materials in contact and the surface area of contact may affect the outcome of the experiment.


Ensure the work is carried out in the middle of the table so the masses do not fall onto the floor or feet. Make sure the masses are well secured.