Energy stored in food 2


Bunsen burner
Clamp & stand
Metal tin
Cork & pin
Measuring cylinder (25ml)
Datalogger and temperature probe
Top pan balance
Food samples


Set the metal tin up above the cork and pin using the clamp and stand to hold it in place.

Add 20 ml of water to the tin and place the temperature probe, connected to the datalogger, into the tin.

Measure out 5g of the food sample and attach to the pin. Start the datalogger, get the food sample burning and ensure it is placed directly under the tin. Use the datalogger to record the maximum temperature of water reached.

Empty the tin and repeat twice more with fresh water for the first food sample. Repeat the whole process for each food sample you have.

Use the data from the datalogger to analyse how much energy is contained in each food sample. The larger the temperature rise the greater the energy contained within the food. You may also look at the graph the datalogger produces to determine the rate at which this temperature rise occurred.