Choice Chambers 1 – Light & dark


Choice chamber
Paper to black out half of the choice chamber
Woodlice (At least 10)
Container to store woodlice with bark/leaf mould


Set up the choice chamber so that half of it is dark and half of it is open to the light. Taping paper to the lid, base and around the sides may be a good way to do this.

Introduce a known number of woodlice, at least ten, to the center of the choice chamber and replace the lid, ensuring the covered halves line up.

Start a stopclock and on the minute for ten minutes count the number of woodlice in the exposed half. Note down any behaviour you notice too, for example how far into the light half do the woodlice tend to go.

Repeat the experiment three times, if possible with different woodlice.

Ensure at all times that you are extremely careful with handling the woodlice and that they have as natural an environment as possible when not within the choice chamber. Also ensure you thoroughly wash your hands after the experiment has been concluded and you no longer need to handle the woodlice.